Own boat private tuition

Does any of these situations sound familiar?
“I’m always stressed out when we return in the harbor from our day at the sea. I cross my fingers and hope we will get the boat back in its place without hitting our neighbours.”
“I’m always having troubles when we want to go anchoring. I always end up to close to the other boats or to the shore.”
“I would like to practice when the waves are a bit bigger. I’m not sure how the take them when I’m driving my boat.”
“I ‘m not sure how to check the oil levels and I could use some more explanation about how to fuel up my boat.”
If you recognize any of these situations, it is a good idea to take some private lessons. We will make sure you feel comfortable on your own boat.

We have lots of experience with Wajer, Van Dutch, Sunseeker, Cranchi, Janneau, Princess, Sacs,…
Training on your own boat is an excellent way to develop a great understanding of your boat, what it is capable of and how to make close quarter handling straightforward!

Course description

We offer all of our training courses on board your own boat (Jet Ski, Power Boat or Motor Boat. We can also offer private tuition based around your needs, concentrating on exactly those skills which you would like to learn or brush up on. The number of students permitted depends on the course booked as there are strict rules regarding the student to instructor ratios.


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We have also more than 10 year experience with off shore boats like Performance. If you want learn how to use 3 throttles, how to handle speed, …We are sure we can learn you to get the feeling.